The Wrong Witch

X-ray death machines, gay prelates, loony balloons, genitals fighting in public, women peeing standing up, and running over carjackers?

The only thing that could possibly make this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast better would be if Paul, Daniel and Steven could find a way to blame men for the menopause…

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

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  1. That’s right. I’m famous.

  2. If we had a boy on the way instead of a girl, I had already told Darla that we would teach our daughter to pee standing up. Any girl who wants to learn how to pee standing up, can do so. Lots of Girl Scouts know how. There are even websites that teach women how to pee standing up, and any woman who has had to sit on a disgusting toilet seat knows why it’s a good skill to learn, and any woman who has ever taken a long car trip knows that eventually, it becomes evident that ladies’ rooms are far more disgusting than mens’ rooms. I’ve stood watch outside of mens’ rooms before so that Darla could take advantage of cleaner facilities.

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