The Dreaded Ron Jeremy Vampire

Nothing Serious Podcast - The Dreaded Ron Jeremy VampireAfter 5 failed attempts to record this episode frustrations run just a little bit high as Daniel, Paul and Steven discuss quitting the internet, Islamophobia, 3D phones, paid YouTube channels, Warner Brothers abusing Nyan Cat and more…

Stay tuned to the end of the show as this episode also features an edited interview with author Peter Clines of the ExHeroes series. You can listen to the complete interview where Peter and Paul discuss everything from Peters books, to surviving the zombie apocalypse and Doctor Who at here.

Check out our competition on Geek Is Awesome for a chance to win signed copies of ExHeroes and ExPatriots.

Stories mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Ryan White says:

    Hi paul, I just have a comment on the Printing a gun thing. Any person, unless they are specifically prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms, can lawfully make a firearm, provided that they are not for sale or distribution.
    I have no idea why the state department felt they were entitled to become involved in this situation. The only entity that I could think of that would have any jurisdiction would the ATF.
    I could understand if the ATF were to decide that the files be pulled because although he is not selling or distributing assembled firearms, it could be construed that by having the files for lack of a better phrase, “ready to go”, the fire arm is pretty much already made.

  2. The alleged regulation is ITARS ( 3D printed guns are apparently the equivalent of strong crypto.

    • That’s really messed up! Plans for a 3D printed gun are (obviously) not crypto. All they’re really doing is trying to put the plans for these weapons back in the bottle after they have already entered the public domain.

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