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Nothing Serious PodcastDaniel Walters joins us for episode 3 where we discuss Halo, marketing, atheism, ad blocking and teaching kids how to code.

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Intro & outro music – “Tremblin'” by Freeky Clean & Creedence Jr.

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  1. Grrr…I totally had an awesome comment about being an atheist in a Christian environment and when I hit “Post Comment” I got a WordPress error and the comment was lost!

    Enjoyed the discussion about Daniel’s experience at work. Would love to hear more about how this shakes out.

  2. I think it was a session time-out. I was writing the comment and then had to walk away for a few minutes. I came back and finished typing it out but it errored after “Post Comment”. No big deal. I will try again next time. I often copy my comments on other sites before I post them just in case such a thing occurs. Must have been in a hurry that day and didn’t do it.

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